Thursday, 1 August 2013

Uk Handmade Summer Wedding Showcase - Jewellery Box

Hello my dear!

 Welcome again after a very busy last week. I was trying to take advantage of nice weather and take some good pictures to my shop. 

But still, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. 

 I’m very pleased because I took part in Where Bloggers Create 2013, which is still lasting but I'm chasing around the virtual world as I would be in a wonderland. In a fraction of second, I’m going to the ends of the earth looking at beautiful interiors or works of talented people.  

In the meantime, I was qualified for the UK Handmade Summer Wedding Showcase featuring gorgeous handmade products from designer makers from across the UK. 

Here you can see the Internet lookbook of all of the wedding related items, including my vintage box for tea. 

Meanwhile, I managed to finish a similar work made to order, in which I used the picture of the future young couple instead of paper. 

As you have probably seen, my blog is empty. Cleaning prevailed over the reason.

 I have accidentally cleaned the folder in which I had all the files connected with the graphics of my blog. Here, I’d like to thank once again Karen from the Desert Cottage. Fortunately, I have regained a whole layout of the website. The rest will be slowly loaded by me.

I recommend those, who love blogging and plan to continue their passion, to record their virtual diary. You can import, export or delete your posts and comments in Blog tools. I strongly advise you to transfer your blog at least once a month and to save it to a hard disk. 

How to do it..... 

Please go to Settings, Other, Blog Tools and then choose your destination in which your treasure will be stored. 

To my astonishment or maybe nice surprise, one of my customers - expressed her thanks to me, giving a picture. Isn't this lovely....

 I made two similar caskets for her. 

The one of them will be surely given to her friend. 

It was a very nice end of the week and I also wish you great time.

Cordial greetings



  1. Your decoupage wedding things are really lovely, especially the tea box.

  2. Your items are so pretty.
    Good advice about backing up the blog, I've never thought of that before :)


  3. The caskets are so beautiful! Perfect for trying out something vintage yet classy!


  4. Ohhh what an array of beautiful things on your blog this week! Love the entry for the Handmade Showcase - congrats on being picked :-)

  5. Fabuluous, I wish I had your skills in decoupage! Gustavo Woltmann

  6. It was a very nice end of the week and I also wish you great time.Vertical garden planters


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