Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Vintage Style Tea Box And Decoupage Paper

It is so cold and rainy here. Nobody bustling around. I think this Is the perfect weather for me because I don't have to hesitate whether to stay home or go out. I can give onself my favourite activities in the quiet corner of my room.
Well, one of my tea boxes was made with absolute pleasure.

 I have played with pieces of great quality classic and very thin, almoust transparent and traditional decoupage paper.
For those who never did anthing like that I can say that paper plays a crucial role in decoupage. It is very best to use specially design for this technique in order to obtain good results. Motives on such paper tend to be very well sepatered from each other to be able to cut them easy. Most of the classic papers are made from high-strength material that easily stick to various surfaces such as wood, metal or even glass.

This box is a combination of everything: paper, acrylic paints and patina and a little bit of imagination. It was so popular so made another for one of my cutomers.

Thank you my dears and have a lovely week....

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bring tired furniture back to life - Hand Painted Chairs DIY

Today I will show you my old Victorian style chairs, which undergo a tranformation from Ugly Duckling to the Princess and the Pea.
I really liked the chairs until I painted them again with a dark paint, probably a teak color, which started to dissolve the finish and even now I can take the paint off with my fingernails.

                                        Here is the first chair before I began.

                                                 Here it is during the process.

In the meantime, my partner noticed my excitement and decided to buy me a modelling and engraving set. Now even the hard to reach places will be easy as pie.

The second stage will be purchasing matching fabric and upholstering the chair, as well as painting, finding the right trimmings, and here I have to say that this is my next goal for the future.
 I'm finding myself a bit short on time for these chairs, especially before the holidays, and since each one requires sanding with sand paper outdoors on account of the dust - and who wants to sit outside for several hours in the cold, at this time of the year?

You can follow my projects in the next few entries and hopefully, this will be one I will finish before the end of this year.

Enjoy your day!