Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vintage Home Decor Ideas


I'm very thankful today to Jessica from 4interiordesign for sharing her guest post on vintage home decor ideas. She is a blogger too and home decor has always been her passion.
Hope you all like reading.

VINTAGE STYLE  is timeless, lending an air of elegance and grace to any room or home, and you do not have to break the bank purchasing expensive antiques nor must you be forced to buy reproduction vintage furniture and decor - contemporary products made to look old and sturdy, usually at very high prices!

The best way to put together an authentic vintage look room is the sometimes time consuming, but often more economical and budget friendly way. Trawl through auction houses, car boots sales, slowly but surely accumulating treasures to clean up, repaint or even remodel. Snapping these items as they come available, for throw-away prices, then tucking them away safely until you have the time to spend on them can save you an absolute fortune in the long run. The downside is that each room can take quite a long time, but you can be sure that you will end up with a unique and individual look of your very own.

FURNITURE can be stripped down, then re-varnished to smooth perfection or left plain for rustic appeal. Soft furnishings can be shortened or lengthened as required, and can even be made over into small items – choosing a luxurious vintage fabric gives the finished item a genuinely old school glamour.
You do not have to buy genuine vintage items if you cannot find something close to what you want. Learn a new skill and make your very own, custom designed piece of furniture, set of cushions or curtains – whatever it is that you need to finish off a room to your satisfaction. For true vintage appeal use materials appropriate to the period you admire, using wood from ugly pieces of furniture or fabric from the improbably long curtains! For exotic bed covers and curtains you can check are my favourite because they produce finest quality and are the original makers without any export or outsourcing.

It is possible to create a vintage air, even with a full complement of contemporary furniture! Carefully chosen pieces of art, whether they are paintings, photographs or sculptures, can infuse a room with a delightfully old-fashioned look.
Another quick and easy idea is to replace fixings with old-style ones to enhance the vintage theme in a room. Quite often genuinely old cabinets and wardrobes can be in quite poor condition, but their latches, fastening and even door knobs and handles will be in much better shape. Carefully removing these in order to attach them to modern furniture can add just a touch of old-school glamour without forcing you to spend a fortune on all new furniture.

Chic Mouldings are also another great idea and no one does it better than They have very nice decorative trims which can light up any place.

A bedroom is relatively easy to make over with vintage elegance. A four-poster bed, preferably wooden, with a wooden chest at the foot; the latter filled with a choice selection of beautiful satiny bedding, such as that available at, can create a fabulous air of sensuous comfort and old-fashioned welcome that can be hard to find in a modern, polished yet clinical bedroom. For reviewing beds its all up here,
Try your hand at a number of the old arts and crafts – those practised by all people, not for fun or to pass the time, but for reasons of necessity. Lace-making is a dying art, as is crochet and knitting – yet all of these can be incorporated into a beautiful home, enhancing it and stamping it with your unique and distinctive style.

Another quick and easy way to add a touch of vintage practicality into your home is to install vintage storage in your home – mason jars, wicker boxes and hampers and even fabric covered cardboard boxes create a useful place for odds and ends, while adding a jaunty and authentically vintage theme 
 to the home.
These quick and easy tips are a sure fire way to start reshaping your home into the vintage paradise of your dreams.

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  1. Lovely! I particularly like the distressed chest of draws. I'd love to collect vintage items like these for my own home ... Great post!

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