I’m a real passionate, true romantic and dreamer, but still down-to-earth. I love old things, hand-painted furniture, fruits of nature, and natural remedies.

As an environment and plant protection specialist I like fragrant flowers, decorative grasses as well as magical influence of plants which play a crucial role in my designing.
 A few years ago, in a boring and sunny day, I discovered the passion that is with me in almost every part of my life. This is how my little shop was created in which one may discover a part of my personality, and my blog, where I gladly share various decoupage topics as well as my work and variety of other decorative techniques as well as hand painting.

Acrylic paint, a good quality brush and a piece of unfinished wood or glass are my main work tools through which I transform plain objects into useful, quality, enjoyable, and lasting decorations.

My partner and I wanted to join our longlasting passions and create a vision for unique and individual interior design.  This is how our second shop JKDriftwood came to be. The shop is an amalgamation of our own quite different styles, and at the same time a combination of vintage and rustic.
My passion is my lifestyle and enjoyable work

You are so welcome to visit me.

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