Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas Tutorial - How To Decoupage A Metal Bucket Using A Paper Napkin And Crackle Medium


Most of you probably know that there is no surface which couldn’t be decorated with napkin, paper or your own printout.
Preparing metal surface may require a little bit more practise and knowledge as well as using special materials.
In case of slightly rust surfaces we can use anti corrosive product before we will go further. Such surfaces can be covered with water based primer and then, lightly rubbed down with paper.

I have prepared for you a little Christmas tutorial with paper napkin and crackle medium. 


-          Metal bucket

-          Sandpaper (60-100 grit)

-          Acrylic paint – base colour – sky blue

-          Acrylic paint – cobalt blue

-          Acrylic paint – white

-          Medium size brush

-          Pva or tacky blue

-          Crackle medium or crazy crack Dala

-          Kitchen sponge

-          Decorative ribbon

-          A whole bag of sweets or cones.

   1. My bucket has already been painted blue so I started to lightly
       rub down  the surface in order to get  better adhesion and then
       cover it with universal primer sealer. If your bucket isn’t
      painted, you should put a thin layer of primer and then slightly
      rub it down with sandpaper.

  2. Upper part of the bucket is tapped with sponge so that we get 
      dark blue. We leave it to be dry.

    3. I cover a completely dry blue strip with a small amount of crackle medium, not to stream, and then I wait until it will be slightly dry until the moment it is very  gently sticky but is not totally dried.

  4. I cover whole bucket with white and wait for ca. 30 minutes until it will be dry.

5 Cut out precisely the motive during the process of drying. It can be pulled out but there will be ugly edge of the napkin, distinguishing from the rest, on the white background.

Professional decoupage is to combine the picture with the background to present the motive as it would be painted. Play with precise cutting has wonderful final effects. Maybe, next time I will tell you more about my point of view relating to cutting and pulling out some motives from napkins.

  6. Before applying glue, you plan where our napkin will be on the    bucket in order to get satisfying look. I suggest you to wait up to the moment the glue will be slightly dry and then we stick bells separately, gently pushing them with dry fingers or dry brush.

 7.  When it is dry, cover entire work with glue once again. If our glue is too thick, we can softly mix it with water.

    8In case of my works, the bucket is covered with over a dozen layers with varnish and sanded between layers.
For domestic purposes, you can sprinkle it with one or two layers of spray varnish.

I wonder if it isn’t too early to wish you Merry Christmas so I wish you successful Christmassy shopping.

Maybe, you will prepare some gifts for your relatives by yourself this year.

See you next...

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