Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Decoupage Clock And My First Giveaway

Tody is a vey special day and despite the fact of that day I'm not upset or unhappy. It is a round year of my birthday and all what I can say is that it ends with zero.

To celebrate my Birthday and a new blog design I'm going to giveaway one of my decoupage dream clocks. 

The simple idea of this design unexpectedly came to me out of my dreams. I was dreaming abouth millions of colourful ribbons waving over my head. Unfortunately I could not reach any....
Here it comes the clock with three colours of ribbon - yellow, blue and red brick.
The giveaway starts today and finishes September 5th.


1. What art of decorating I have used to make this clock?
2. I would love you to join my blog.
3. Share my giveaway on  twitter, facebook or your own blog.

Please mark your moves under this post
Remember anybody can enter.
The number of participants shound not be less than 5.

The lucky winner will be chosen randomly on 5th September.

Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My New Blog Design And Country Roses Clock

Don't you think Karen is a very talented, creative and generous woman? Yes, it is Karen from My Desert Cottage. A beautiful blog about hobby, craft and friendship. This was my first impression when I visited her space long time ago. She helped me to realised my dreams and worked out other more complicated things in my head.
So, I have decided to treat myself very well this year and got a new blog design. It is hard to describe it just in one word but all  what I feel is romanticism and the desire to create.
Along with the blog design I have made a large wall clock with sympathy to the two pots of roses bought for me by my friend.

 Country Wall Clock

Unfortunately they haven't tolerated the atmosphere in my house and I had to cut them back and leave until the next year to flower. Instead of I have to enjoy my red roses decoupage clock.

To celebrate my new blog design I'm going to spread some love and run a giveaway. The piece I'll be giving away is very special to me. I will tell you some more in my next post.

All the best.