Sunday, 29 September 2013

It Is Time To Say Goodbuy To The Summer - Decoupage On Metal - Vintage Watering Can

Welcome back after my holiday...

I have to admit that this year the summer held up which positively influenced my mood as well as further willingness to create.
Currently I'm getting back to the normal after three weeks of holiday. Who would have thought that I have spend the entire time without the computer, or rather without the Internet. I looked into the website from time to time beceause of my curiosity and I admit that there was so much to keep up with those days.
 While I was away I received a lot of messages from people from all over the world with some nice comments and questions about decoupage.
Therefore, I have a lot to do. I tried to prepare for this swimming, strolling about the forest as well as practising some extreme sports after which, I have to admit, I'm a little bit aching.

During my holidays I had the opportunity to try Japanese cuisine, climbing and watching motorcycle racing. 

At the end, here is my watering can made using napkin technique. The motif was pulled out which suits the most my way of sticking, the background was painted in by hand. As a result, I got the item which is lightly covered with rust

A clock created in a similar style, which was made at the same time as the watering can, adorns children’s bedroom of a really young lady.

This week I party at:
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