Thursday, 11 July 2013

Welcome To My Craft Room - Where Bloggers Create 2013.

Welcome my dears!

Today, with a dose of shyness, I’ll show you my studio where I spend most of my time designing, adapting and browsing through my treasures and papers. 


Karen Valentine and her Where Bloggers Create’ 2013 gave me the excuse to clean and organise my artistic mess to be able to invite you to my humble abode.

During the move into this house, located in Cornish countryside, the room seemed to be relatively large enough to house my accumulated possessions.....

Sitting in my living room, sometimes I think I see a huge aquarium in which instead of swimming fish I see rabbits and foxes.


The epicentre of my former utility room underwent a small transformation.

 Cabinets were covered with white, self adhesive wallpaper, and the table top on which my ideas come to life in glossy paper for easy clean up of splattered paint.

In the other part of my room stand the shelves, or actually the remains of the market, which are likely to soon be replaced with a shelving unit in the form of wooden apple crates painted white and arranged on top of each other.




There is a constantly increasing palette of materials to decorate in my cupboards. In one word - I don't lack for anything.

Most of my materials are stored in a cupboard away from direct sun.

My former napkin fixation has been replaced by decoupage paper of high quality and my own prints. Nevertheless yesterday I gave in to the temptation to buy a whole package of napkins with a blue floral motif.

And here is me, in the other part of my house. Precision cutting is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience.  
So I need a cup of my tea to keep me going.

The biggest success in my space was to find a place for my growing collection of clocks. After painting the walls a pale yellow I attached hooks with a long ribbon in the middle, something in the style of a small gallery.

The growing collection of paint brushes is awaiting it's own containers. Perhaps I will decorate them in the style suggested here.

Finally - my decoupage papers decided to hang on pegs, an easy system for sorting and browsing.  

My favourite mini chest with a ton of business cards.


There is a lot of places in which I keep my own works and accessories used to put the finishing touch to my works.

Last minute news

I have done very precise tidying but not only in my room, I have cleared out all the pictures from my computer, which are responsible for my blog. So please don't be put off by no content here. I'm working on getting everything back to normal. 
I have learnt a really bitter lesson....

Best wishes....