Saturday, 10 August 2013

How To Extend Life Of Your Cut Flowers - Daffodils And Tulips

Most of us adore cut flowers in a vase. Regardless of the fact if we buy the flowers or they are given to us, we would like to be pleased with their fresh look without the necessity of replacing them. 

Beautiful colourful bouquets can change our interiors thus they acquire more character. Bouquets improve our mood. 

Fresh cut flowers are very often at my home therefore I will present you some trusted hints concerning extending life of some flowers which were in majority told me by my mother. The advice will be divided into a few phases, in which I will tell you about different varieties of flowers as well as some techniques of extending their lifespan. I will also try to attach some photos. 

You don’t have any influence on the process of cutting the flowers or on their previous keeping but you can obviously influence their further life. There are some factors which are important: 
  • first of all a proper temperature or a place where the vase stays, fresh water or a good access of air.

My most favourite flower, despite its bizarre nature, is a daffodil or narcissus

They are bulbous flowers of which more than one story can be told. Daffodils secrete a viscous and poisonous substance with an unpleasant scent. In combination with tulips or irises they can harmfully influence their lifespan and cause their drooping because of alkaloids which were previously mentioned.

 If we want to combine daffodils with other flowers, the best idea would be to:
  •  put them in a vase with tepid water on the day before the  rest  of flowers. A viscous sap should be secreted within a day and night and shouldn’t constitute any danger. 
In case of daffodils alone, we should:

  •  put them in a clean vase, cutting straight their stalks
  •  we should also often change the water.

As we know cut flowers are kept in the special refrigerator rooms or other places which are well air-conditioned. In florists or supermarkets they stay frequently next to the entry to the shop. 

I advise you to keep your vases away from radiators, electric devices or sunny places in order to eliminate excessive heat. I also don’t recommend you to place them on the TV set because of safety reasons. 

Summer time is favourable to surrounding with flowers therefore observe this plot and maybe you will find out some more…

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