Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rustic Clock - Napkin Decoupage And Pittorico Shading

   The very idea for this clock was not planned out in advanced. I like napkin designs which are not very close together, so they can be separated, cut out with precision and fit at my discretion in the work.

 The clock found his home on my driftwood table next to a vase filled with my favourite flowers, daffodils. By being there it has lightened and filled the whole room with it's warmth. In this work other than napkin technique I also utilised  pittorico shading and crackled finish with crackle medium.

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When working with the napkin technique we can cut out or tear out motifs or glue down entire napkins using glue or glue and an iron. Always remember to throw out the two bottom napkin layers. The glue cannot be too thick or too watered down. During the gluing process it is best to wait a moment until the glue has a chance to set a tiny bit and than proceed to gently lay down the napkin from the middle - outward.

   At this time I recommend my previous step by step directions, decoupage on metal, to show to a small degree what I mean. 

See you next....

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wooden Clock Welcome To JKDriftwood

I'd like to say that I have almost stopped making decorations due to my illness which has touched me. I have been completely derailed from my rhythm of computer, work, home, handicrafts, computer. Yet I have pulled myself together to realize that aside from worries and thoughts of finding ways to heal my constant dizziness there is something which gives me relief and joy. Designing.

I become the owner of some oak planks and decided to make several clocks. Each of the pieces even in their raw state has charm and I longed to look into their soul. 
These now belong to my small collection of large, wood, country style clocks.
 Each of the clocks was made in a similar style ie. it has been engraved, using a 3D technique and special paste as well as being painted.
The first clock is very readable and I think it is my favourite. It has engraved roman numerals, which I've made more visible by painting. Because I have been collecting miniature paintbrushes for a long time, they have finally found their use in this project.

Handcrafted Country Wall Clock 

Engraved Wood 

The whole work is of course super polished. The clock is available in my shop.
There is a small piece of wooden trunk in my house converted into my mini chair. It has cracked and curled naturally. Very useful for photo shooting.

While waiting for spring I decided dress things up and besides finishing the remaining clocks, I photographed my work of art from last year. Next week I will showcase the clock with a fruit motif and pittorico shading and I wonder what do you think?