Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Furniture styling – Small Furniture Forms – Shabby Chic and a Patinated chest of drawers


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Today I’ll show you a small distressed furniture form - a jewellery chest of drawers.
PATINATING or in other word AGEING WITH PATINA is one of the operations of distressing furniture with the use of ‘sharp’ tools, paints and patina. 

I’ve decided to choose the colour which opposes the one used to decorate previous piece of furniture, made during the course '5 steps of furniture styling’. Here you can see the report and the final effect of some works. We use only small items during such classes because most of operations are time-consuming and require sanding, brushing or wax finishing.

The item is made from soft wood, probably from pinewood.
It is great to experiment with colours from time to time in order to get your dream masterpiece suiting to your own interior. 

While decorating with acrylic paints, the items frequently soak up water, thus changing their volume a little bit. Hence, I have felt the resistance while pulling drawers out. In such a case, you should polish the edges.
An extraordinary final effect was achieved thanks to the exchange of the round handles of drawers for the handmade twisted roses.
I’ve got a shabby chic piece which is greatly distressed.

 Furniture styling has absorbed me so much. I’ll show you soon a white washed stool, made with white washing technique.

This week I am sharing with