Friday, 22 June 2012

Shabby Chic Photo Frame - 3D Decoration

  As far as can I remember there were so many decoupage works which came into being more or less attractive.
Majority went to the bin after a short time of anger and questioning myself why there were so many creases.
I am glad it never saw daylight. There was just one person who used to say ‘what you made is beautiful, don’t throw it away’ but my anger was endless.
This picture frame which I managed to finish not using decoupage came to mind randomly like most of my early craft work.


I simply used 3D structural paste which I had a chance to work with later on.
The frame is in shabby chic style. I have aged this using this style to show the signs of wear with red colour for the base and cream on the top.
Ornaments are in the shape of little delicate roses surrounding on each side. 

Currently it decorates my former neighbour’s desk.
I was able to dig out only two shots from my old photo gallery.
I’ll tell you more about the shabby chic style soon in my 'TUTORIALS' category. I’m going to decorate three containers for spices.
At the same time you will see decoupage on metal step-by-step. 

See you next....


  1. It's interesting to view earlier works. Many people like things that I rip out and redo to get "just right."

    As creators we have a vision in our mind and it's hard to be happy with anything less. TFS!!

  2. I love how the roses really stand out with the finish you did...lovely.


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