Saturday, 30 June 2012

Clothes Hangers With Crackle Ground Effect

I’m extremely excited because I just received a beautiful small decorative  pillow. It's stylish, delicate olive colour with an elegant bow at the top and it was the giveaway prize from Random Button run by the Not Mass Produced blog a couple weeks ago. 

Laura is the owner of this creative shop and makes a great selection of bespoke fashion accessories and interiors. This little pillow perfectly matched my velvet sofa and I decided to picture my clothes hangers with it. 

 The hangers are a part of my small 'Old Country Roses Collection' and are painted in a vanilla bean colour and finished with a crackle medium and golden pigments.


  1. I LOVE the pillow! Congrats! :D Your hangers are fantastic, the colours and flowers are brilliant! :D Thank you for dropping into my blog, I've looked around yours and Im hooked! :)


  2. Hi Katherine. You're very welcome. I found you through the Desert Cottage blog and I got attracted straigh away.


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