Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Decoupage Clock - Artificial Marble And Decorative Painting

Everyone of us probably has a person they admire, someone who influences us or just gives us a kick to live. For me - decoupage is my kick. It stimulates my mind and awakens my imagination. I like relaxing with a paint brush in my hands and afterwards a glass of wine.
I have decided to try new technique. I took me a while to be ready for it, but once I was, I didn't even have to practise how to learn it - I just sat down and did it.
This is my first clock using a marble effect and hopefully you like it. 

The piece is finished in matte, further highlighting the vintage style of the clock.

I decided to stay with grey as a main colour with a litte bit of purple and blue, and obviously this beautiful young little girl had peered at me all the time in thoughtfulness.

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  1. The decor is amazing and so well put together. I love how girly it is!! And pleeease do more blog posts like this!


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