Friday, 21 June 2013

Victorian Decorating Ideas - Hanger For Clothes Or Towels

The last time I wanted to chat so much was many moons ago… Sunny weather fosters the release of positive energy and creative thinking. 


I’ve just joined to a wonderful website with handicraft, “Crafty Blogs”, which is a definite list of crafting blogs in the UK. I’m 471st in the ranking, which I still find very nice. Now, one may imagine how huge the number of craftsmen in the UK is, even though this is only a sample. “Crafty Blogs” is not all; you can also find “Top 50 Crafters” or “Crafty Sales”  the list of small Handmade Craft websites in the UK. 

 I become a fan of a great British programme called “Victorian Farm,” broadcasted by BBC2 long time ago.
Although my casual clothes are very classic and my taste in decorating of our spot depends on the season of the year, the programme is an enormous design inspiration for me.  I've been trying to start preparing my huge rustic wall clocks collection, which is to be shown at a nearby gallery, for a long time now, but I lost the feeling in my finger after sculpting in a piece of oak wood which was as hard as a rock. Therefore, I decided to take a break and focus on something different - unique decor and home decorations. 

The hanger I made for the hallway wall or bathroom is not only designed for hanging hats or cotton towels on, but it also comprises an important home decor accessory. I think it can be also treated as a painting made in Victorian style. The whole work was demanding. I made the hanger with the use of a number of decorative techniques: decoupage, crackling, pittorico shading, high reliefs as well as gilding.

This week I will party at 



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  2. i loved the victorian farm! Its so interesting and inspiring to look back in time isn't it :)

    your hangar is gorgeous, i love the relief work, it really brings it to life :) x

  3. Your work is so beautiful! I love how you styled it :) I don't know that programme, but currently I love Downton Abbey!
    have a lovely Sunday, best wishes

  4. Beautiful piece of artwork.. This is the unique cloth hanger i have ever seen.

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  5. I love your blog, it is so beautiful! You might like my blog post about a beautiful Victorian shop I found in Branson, Missouri!
    Again, what a beautiful site!

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