Saturday, 11 May 2013

Paper And Its Use In The World Of Creativeness

A few years ago I would never think that paper will play such an important role in my life. It sound trivial, or even comic, but that's the truth. 

The initial idea to create consisted in compacting and boiling the fibres of various plants, and once they dried, it was ready to use.  The biggest difference between the current paper and the papirus of that time lies in the production process. Currently, paper is created in result of chemical and mechanical wood processing, and the quality of paper depends on raw materials chosen for its creation.
I think that the history of paper creation and the process of its improvement is very fascinating. 

Nowadays, we can find surprising paper creations that I would like to present in this post. 

DECORATIVE PAPER  is my basic work tool and during a few years of creative work I have come across paper with various hardness, transparency, and even a  fibrous paper, so called RICE. Currently we can find on the market the paper of the biggest producers such as 'To Do', 'Stamperia', 'Decomania' or 'Finmark'. In my works, besides a ready-made paper, I also print my own patterns or motives and each of them is specially protected.  

Browsing through Pinterest, my favourite source of information from the world of creativeness, I came across the wonderful paper creations and decided to create a new board called ' Dry Flowers And Paper Arrangements' devoted to such beauties.

Here is some very unique paper creations. 

     Pretty Bird By Cheong-ah Hwang

 Paper Anemone By @LiaGriffith 

 Paper Shoe By @Kwandera

Paper Mache Styled 'Singer' Sewing Machine By @Jennifer Collier


  1. Ah, paper. My first love!
    I saw your link on the EBT thread and ran here immediately. These are beautiful examples, and very different from each other. I adore the little sewing machine —it's even threaded...!

    A beautiful saturday to you!

  2. Just found your blog through Etsy Blog Team. I love it and have started following! These are some amazing creations. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. What a lovely look at paper - something we often take for granted, even when we work with it! I love that sewing machine - isn't it completely amazing? Although your other finds are all totally lovely. I love Pinterest!

  4. Oh my goodness, what amazing things. I love the shoe and the first bird is just incredible - so delicate and intricate. Isn't it wonderful how we can create such lovely items from something so "simple". xxx

  5. Oh my goodness, who would have thought such beauty could come from such an everyday thing as a piece of paper. Simply works of art. That bird is incredible. But they are all so beautiful.

  6. Some people must have the most amazing patience! Wow. So much detail.. I am lost for words.

  7. paper is amazing stuff in the hands of creative people isn't it! x

  8. It's wonderful what people can make from a flat piece of matted fibres. Those things you've found from pinterest, especially the bird, are amazing.


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