Sunday, 20 May 2012

Welcome To Selenarte

 Do I have to introduce myself firstly or already paste a picture?

These and other questions have been stirring up my head up to now.
I had cut and glued the pieces of paper onto the ceramic objects before I discovered a real mystery of decoupage.
This is how it started:  I was slowly revealing this addictive art of decorating being a diligent student of University.
This blog among others is dedicated to my university friend Justyna who unwittingly introduced to me this technique and directed to anybody who would like to see my wrestle with brush, paint and paper. 

My real name is Joanna and I moved from Poland to Cornwall several years ago when I had a chance to do my work training from the university. With real passion and dedication I am constantly mastering my lingual and garden skills. 

Completely resistant for all kind of my mum’s craft training after all these years I got caught on doing a little bit of jewellery, felting and eventually stayed with decoupage.

But this wasn’t easy at the beginning. When I ask my friend to send me her beautiful ceramic bowls I was extremely convinced that she does panting on glass. When I received it I was slightly disappointed but I wasn’t brave enough to tell her it wasn’t what I expected.
While after I asked what she did to decorate them.
Timidly I tried to get more and more information about decoupage but it wasn’t right to ask the artist about her secrets.
I spend a lot of time on searching how to make and what materials to use and even gave up for a while. After almost a year I came back with twice the enthusiasm which lasts up to today.

During what I call my virtual journey I will share with you my craft work, some tips and other interesting creations from other artists and everything what I learnt by myself just with a little bit faith in your dreams.

When I was a little girl I was saying I am made for something. 
Today I know I am made for making something from nothing.
This is what I call decoupage.
That’s why love your dreams and don’t be afraid to come it true.


  1. Great Welcome post !

    Wish you all the bests and great success
    with your beautiful Blog :)

  2. Hi Joanna,

    nice post! Looking forward to your crafty projects.
    I love decoupage :)
    Following you back now!
    best wishes,


Hello dear readers and friends. Your presence on my blog is very valuable and your nice comments much appreciated. So please sit down and and enjoy with me my virtual journey. :)